Staff Testimonials

“Lifewell is an organization that uses an integrated approach to work with members. This approach enables us to address various member needs as they move through our continuum of care to achieve their goals.”
– Jose R., Rehabilitation Manager

“I enjoy working for Lifewell because of the support I receive from my team as well as from Lifewell staff as a whole. Lifewell has provided me with trainings specific to my position as well as opportunities for professional growth within the organization.”
– Carla S., Housing Specialist

Lifewell staff, at every level, exemplifies the values and goals of Lifewell every day through support, encouragement, commitment, caring and compassion towards co-workers, clients and other stakeholders. I have been blessed to be a part of this amazing Lifewell team through several positions as I have moved up within Lifewell and I look forward to many exciting years with this incredible company.”
– Tracy H., Program Coordinator

“Since 2011, I have worked for Lifewell as a Clinician. Throughout my tenure, the agency has aided me in achieving a variety of academic, educational, and professional advancements. I have most appreciated the schedule flexibility, my co-workers, and of course, the clients who I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. I believe that Lifewell is a great company to be a part of.”
– Elizabeth T., Clinician I

“This is the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. I am so grateful for this opportunity… Lifewell is a company that values its employee… I feel valued! I’ve never worked in a place quite like this… I’ve immensely enjoyed working and learning from each individual I’ve come into contact with.”
– Tracy G., Clinician I

“Working for Lifewell has renewed my faith in the “Power of people helping people” and “that there still exists organizations that truly put people first!” In my short time here, I have witnessed “First Hand” lives being saved because Lifewell lived up to its mission of delivering hope, healing and health to the countless communities we serve. ”
– Jane J., Clinical Support Specialist

“Every day with Lifewell is always different. I come in at the same time every day, Monday through Friday, it’s never the same. It’s a place where you grow, it challenges you, you be yourself and you meet all different kinds of people.”
– Velma T., Medical Assistant

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