Job Description

 POSITION SUMMARY: Under supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, performs duties in support of therapeutic services and provides comprehensive direct support services which are structured to meet the needs of an adult population composed of SMI, dual-diagnosed and/or referred persons. Provides nursing services to members including engagement, assessment, treatment planning, medication administration, education and supportive psychotherapy; performs related duties as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

 1. Performs the essential duties and responsibilities for a site nurse.
 2. Serves as a member of the site management team working collaboratively with the site Clinical Director
and the site Lead Prescribing Clinician (and other leadership). Helps the Clinical Director to ensure effective coordination and communication with the site nursing staff. 
 3. Serves as point person for the site nursing staff and the site Clinical Director regarding clinical operational matters specific to scope of work of the nursing staff.
 4. Records potential barriers to quality nursing care identified by the site nurses and collaborates with the site Clinical Director and the Area Medical Director and Lead Psychiatrist in finding solutions to overcoming these barriers.
 5. Clinically supervises all RNs, LPNs, medical assistants including contract RNs, LPNs and medical assistants working at their site. This includes participating in performance reviews, being available for clinical consultation and support, participating in peer reviews and corrective action plans as required.
 6. Supports and participates in peer reviews, grand rounds, monitoring activities, and corrective action plans, performance improvement projects intended to address the delivery of quality nursing care and identified standards of practice.
 7. In coordination with the Lead Psychiatrist and site Clinical Director, participates in the orienting and mentoring of new nurse staff members to general nursing and site-based job performance expectations and standards of practice.
 8. Participates in the recruiting and retention efforts pertaining to site nursing staff as requested.
 9. Responsible for promoting and role modeling practice according to the recovery model and Arnold v. Sarn principles; knows and practices engagement skills including motivational interviewing; and ensures all nursing staff assist consumers to define and achieve their own recovery goals.
10. Participates in decentralized UM activities including pharmacy and out of home placement.


Education: RN diploma, AA or BSN. BSN preferred

Licensures: Current RN license in the State of Arizona

Relevant Work Experience: Minimum of 5 years behavioral health nursing experience with a minimum of one year experience in an outpatient setting.


Important Notes

Lifewell Behavioral Wellness is a non-profit behavioral healthcare agency providing treatment, services and support for low-income clients diagnosed with serious mental illness (SMI), general mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. Lifewell offers residential, outpatient, community living and psychosocial rehabilitation programs which are client centered and adapted to address a broad range of needs.

Lifewell programs provide safe and supportive environments that foster recovery, healthy living and personal growth for clients as they build on existing strengths, focus on addressing deficiencies, and learn new social and vocational skills.